Boat winterizing

Boat winterizing is the best way to fully enjoy your boat. Let us take it out of the water and to our warehouse to take care of it  We work with standardized systems and adapted ones specifically for each situation.

We agree with you on a maintenance plan adjusted to your needs. As the owner, you will be informed in advance of all scheduled work and budgets. You will always have control over the work being done and the cost of these

For the custody of the boats during the wintering period we have our own warehouse with more than 1.500m2 of covered surface. This facility is located in the industrial area of Son Servera, just 6 km. away from the dry dock of Porto Cristo

As a reference, we differentiate between two lines of action that we address jointly during the winter months:

  • Standard Winterizing.
  • Additional works and anomalies detected.

Standard Boat Winterizing

Our protocol for the winterization of boats includes a series of standard operations to ensure their optimal preservation.

  • Dry docking, transport to our facilities and shoring of the vessel.
  • Hull cleaning
  • Winterization and anomaly report.
  • General boat cleaning
  • Engines and generator service.
  • Application of antifouling and replacement of anodes.
  • Cleaning of shafts, propellers and metal parts.
  • Polishing of the hull, deck and superstructure.
  • Metal polishing.
  • Safety equipment overhaul.
  • Document check.
  • Maintenance of auxiliary vessels.
  • General pre-delivery cleaning.
  • Warehouse custody.
  • Transport to port and launching.

Additional work and anomalies detected in checklist.

In this section there are infinite possibilities, depending on each boat and the state of such.

The most common are:

  • Painting of different areas of the hull, deck or accessories.
  • Application of varnish on tables, doors or accessories.
  • Propspeed application on propellers, shafts and rudders.
  • Repair or renovation of upholstery and awnings.
  • Repair or renewal of electronic equipment.
  • Removal of old decks and replacement with new wood ones or with the application of new anti-slip coating.
  • Special services on older engines following official technical service protocols.
  • Repair of gangways and bathing platforms.
  • Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment.
  • Fiber and gelcoat works.
  • Preventive osmosis treatment or repair if it has already occurred.
  • Re-caulking of deck joints.
  • Remotorizations.
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