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Ferretti Yachts Authorized Sub-dealer

We are specialists in the care and maintenance of Ferretti boats, a brand preferred by many of our customers. Thanks to our commercial agreements we can offer the full range of Ferretti Group products in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.

Just like home

With a Ferretti yacht it is possible to travel without leaving home, because we wake up every day with a different view of new horizons to explore, immersed in absolute luxury. The yacht becomes a space that is personal and intimate, but also free and interesting. A private and exclusive place to relax, feel good and embrace the charm of the world outside.

Sailing is an authentic experience, where perception becomes emotion, with only one predominant sensation: the feeling of being at home.

Ferretti Yachts Models

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We are specialists in the refit of aged boats, particularly of the Itama, Riva or Pershing brands, boats that we have been taking care of for more than twenty years.