Itama Exclusive Dealer

Summer Yachts is the Official Itama Dealer in Spain. Contact us if you are interested in acquiring an Itama boat, or simply if you would like to know them better.

We have been selling and taking care of these boats for more than twenty years. Hence, we are the best choice for their maintenance or refit.

Itama boats are distinguished by their open layout. It is ideal for enjoying the Mediterranean, and by a unique combination of timeless style, power and comfort.


Unmatched power and style

Freedom is the taste of the wind and the colour of the sea, the pleasure of comfort and power, the expression of a sporty soul with an elegant spirit. Freedom is choosing even the smallest detail of your vacation, enjoying the sea in a unique and personal way. Freedom is an open Itama yacht.

Itama models

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Itama Refit

We are specialists in the reconditioning of Itama classics, boats that we have been taking care of for more than twenty years.