Pershing Authorized Sub-dealer

We are specialists in the care and maintenance of Pershing boats, a brand preferred by many of our customers. Thanks to our commercial agreements we can offer the full range of Grupo Ferretti products in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.

You don’t drive a Pershing, you fly it.

Pershing has always been known for delivering the most powerful experience at sea. The obsession for speed runs through the veins of Pershing’s customers and everyone involved in the making of a Pershing yacht, the result of a supreme combination of aerodynamics, mechanics and materials, derived from cutting-edge racing technology.

From the engine to the interior decoration, on a Pershing yacht there is not a single element that prevents the boat from reaching top speed at sea. Because a Pershing is not driven, it is piloted, like a fighter jet.

Pershing models

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Refit Pershing

We are specialists in the reconditioning of classic Pershing boats. Boats which we have been taking care of for more than twenty years.