Pershing 7X

The speed of light

The new Pershing 7X includes the essence of Pershing in a compact and impeccable format. 7X is lightness. 7X is speed. 7X is performance down to the smallest detail. A fabulous blend of the latest Pershing technology and the unmistakable design of Fulvio De Simoni.

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Layout Pershing 7x

Características técnicas
Pershing 7X

LOA: 21,11 m.
LH: 20,27 m.
LWL: 16,13 m.
Max beam.: 5,35 m.
Draft: 1,52 m.
Unladen displacement: 35.000 kg.
Laden displacement: 42.000 kg.
Fuel: 3.600 l.
Water: 800 l.
Material: GRP
People on board: 16
Engine: Man V12-1800
Engine HP: 1.800
Transmission: Surface drives
Max speed.: 50 kn.
Cruise speed: 42 kn.
Range: 300 nm.
Cabins: 3
Crew cabins: 1
Bathrooms: 3
Bathrooms in crew quarter: 1